Five Rules for Writing Digital Agency RFPs

Many organizations require the solicitation of multiple bids for spends over a given amount. If you work for a company that does this – usually a policy driven out of procurement, this post is for you. Before we continue, however, let me qualify the…

March 24, 2015
CrockettJones_Suede Punchcaps
Off Topic Style Not Fashion

In Praise of Suede Brogue Oxfords

I see so many bright yet sartorially clueless men in today’s business world. In the digital age, where there is a virtually infinite number of style/fashion resources available, there’s really no excuse for dressing like a schmuck. If by some chance you landed here…

March 17, 2015

The Content Marketing Ecosystem

The old adage that there’s “nothing new under the sun,” couldn’t be more true when it comes to content marketing. When you reduce it down to its very essence, marketing is about connecting companies with products to sell with people who want to buy.…

March 17, 2015
2015 Trends Luxury Marketing Smartwatch

One to Watch: The Apple Watch

Apple’s foray into the watch business bears monitoring. The $17k luxury version of the watch appears like a limited release entry to drive demand for the $349 (and up) model; an instant status symbol come erstwhile collectible designed to pave the way for the cheaper me too…

March 16, 2015